A Plant-Based Guide to London

September 22, 2017

London is my favourite place in the world. I’ve travelled a fair bit, but honestly nowhere compares to it. I’ve lived here my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way, and I full heartedly agree with the classic, albeit slightly cliché saying – tired of London, tired of life. Yes, I moved to Bath for a few years whilst I studied photography at uni, but every time I would return, my face would light up as the train pulled into Paddington station.


It suddenly occurred to me that even though my blog is titled The Plant-Based Londoner, I don’t have a post on all of my favourite plant-based eateries and foodie spots in the capital.  I mean, I’ve done the odd post hear and there, but I’ve not fully dived into this topic. I can’t begin to explain the amount of times people ask me where the best vegan places to eat in the capital are. I’ll usually give them a half-assed answer as I panic to think, because honestly there are just too many to remember. But now, I’ll be able to point them in the direction of this post, where I have listed allll of the best vegan cafes and restaurants in London. This post might be a long one, so bare with me.



Wild Food Café

Probably my most loved plant-based café, and not just because I’m currently their marketing intern (best job everrr). The food is pure magic and the people are more like a family than staff. You’ve probably never heard of half the exotic superfoods and produce they use in their cooking, but it’s absolutely fascinating to see them make the most delicious meals out of them. Their philosophies are very much based around the idea of inspiring and educating, whilst spreading positivity around holistic living and eating plants.


Order: Forgotten Ecstasy for liquid nutella in a glass, topped with creamy coconut whip. TO.DIE.FOR.

Where? The beautiful Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden





Another personal favourite. Farmacy is the place to go for a fancy brunch with your girly friends whilst indulging in superfood smoothies and vitality shots (they come in medical syringes). The interiors are pure goals, think gold, marble and plants. Beware of the West London prices and keep your eyes peeled for the Made in Chelsea girls, they love it here. Overall, they food is beyond delicious and leaves you feeling nourished.


Order: The chocolate buckwheat waffles and the maca smoothie

Where? Notting Hill’s ever so stylish Westbourne Grove




Juice Baby

I really like Juice Baby, the atmosphere feels very Chelsea, if you catch my drift, and the food is to die for. They have an amazing range of cold-pressed juice, with lots of explanations on why this process is the best for ensuring optimal nutrient levels. It’s a great place to sit with your laptop as you devour an acai bowl, before hitting the King’s Road for some shopping.


Order: My god the raw pumpkin pie slice. And the coconut bacon BLT to go.

Where? Righhhhtt and the end of the famous Kings Road, Chelsea.





Another must visit. Both my parents love Ethos and I’ve never been disappointed. It’s essentially a fancy buffet, where all the food is meat-free and healthy. The interior design is light and fresh and the food reflects that. It’s not strictly vegan so make sure you give the labels a read. Plus the dessert table is pretty great, you’ll struggle not to grab everything.


Order: The sweetcorn fritters currently on offer, and the teriyaki aubergine.

Where? Just round the corner from Oxford Circus.





I was really impressed with Moosies when I visited last year. They have a simple menu but the food is really great. Think indulgent and creative veggie burgers, in a laid back, friendly atmosphere. They sit perfectly in the east London vegan community, next to Viva Bakery and down the road from the brick lane weekend food market, where places like Pomodoro e Basilico and Dough Society can be found.


Order: The onion bhaji burger with sweet potato fries, trust me.

Where? Brick Lane





Since I visited Tanya’s I believe they’ve had a little refurb. The food is so colourful and beautiful looking, you honestly walk away feeling nourished and revitalised. The staff are so friendly and on hand to help out with any questions regarding the menu. It’s the perfect mix of luxury (located in MyHotel Chelsea) and holistic living.


Order: A nourishing bowl

Where? Chelsea, of course. 




V Burger

I visited V Burger at Borough Market (a food lover’s heaven) not too long ago and fell in love. I have an unofficial ranking of veggie burger in my head, currently a little place in Bath holds the top spot but oh my, the V Burger almost took that first place. The burgers are just so delicious, my steak loving best friend even loved it. Opt for all the toppings and you won’t regret it.


Order: The V cheeseburger

Where? All over, but mostly at Borough.





Temple of Seitan

I am yet to actually visit Temple of Seitan put I’ve heard really great things. If you’re a deep fried junk food vegan, then this is the place for you. We walked past them at VegFest last year with the intention of visiting them later, which was a stupid mistake as within an hour the line took up half the venue.


Order: Popcorn chicken

Where? Hackney, East London




Club Mexicana

Another fave and yes, I know I say that about everywhere. Club Mexicana’s food is simply amazing, located in a tiny stall in Camden market (another must visit foodie hot spot). Their food is so vibrant and flavoursome. The simple menu is simply the best, consisting of jackfruit burritos and deep fried tofu tacos.


Order: To-fish tacos

Where: Camden market





Osu Coconuts

Another vegan food spot in Camden market, I was so impressed when I visited the guys at Osu Coconuts. I have written a whole post on the amazing food, but long story short – their American style pancakes are simply to die for. They are also smothered in the most insane chocolate source that I could honestly bathe in for the rest of my life.


Order: The chocolate pancake stack, ask for extra PB

Where? Camden Market





A classic, Mildred’s is a London veggie staple. They have a few locations including Camden and Kings Cross, however I just love the busy, thriving vibes of the Soho branch. The menu is quite mixed, some Asian inspired dishes and some very tradition British plates. The food is simple but oh so delicious.


Order: The stir-fry veggies, the mushroom and ale pie or a classic burger

Where? Soho, Kings Cross and Camden





Such a fabulous little dessert spot, Yorica is a great go-to for vegan and allergen free frozen yogurt, milkshakes and ice cream. The salted caramel and chocolate are my favourites and I highly recommend going to town on their amazing toppings on offer. The staff are so lovely and happily give you little samples to try as you decide.


Order: Salted caramel and chocolate frozen yoghurt, or an oreo shake.

Where? Soho




Detox Kitchen

A fairy new favourite of mine, Detox Kitchen is the ultimate place to go for a nourishing and healthy pick and mix lunch. Their salads are to die for, packed full of good for you ingredients whilst tasting amazing at the same time. They have two different locations, my favourite being the Carnaby one, tucked away behind Kingly court.


Order: A salad box, with courgetti, lentis and a veggie burger.
Where? Kingly Court, Carnaby





I’ve visited Nama once before with my best friend Bea and a word of warning, don’t take a girl with a nut allergy to a raw vegan café. All jokes aside, I really loved this place. The staff were lovely and the food was delicious. I had a slice of raw red velvet cake with cream cheese cashew frosting that was just heavenly. They also have started running retreats that I am veryyy interested in.


Order: any raw dessert, they all look the bomb

Where? Round the corner from Portobello Market.





The Neat Café

Not really a plant-based eatery, but if you’re on Regents Street, looking for a pick me up and a sit down, head to the top of Lululemon, where the Neat café will be waiting. Offering a selection of plant-based protein shakes, herbal teas and nourishing snacks. I’ve done some work with Neat Nutrition, and really approve of their vegan protein. Plus the staff working there are always beyond lovely.


Order: A chocolate PB shake and a slice or sugar-free vegan banana bread (however, this may have been a one off)

Where? Lululemon, Regents Street




Farm Girl

Yet to visit, but very high on my list. Farm Girl is the ultimate blogger hotspot and their food is so, so beautiful. Think beetroot lattes, acai bowls and pimped up avo toast. Located in Chelsea, however they have just launched a second location at the top of the new Sweaty Betty store, Number 1 Carnaby. Shop and chill with an instagram perfect plant-milk hot drink.


Order: A colourful latte and the mighty avo toast

Where? Chelsea, and Sweaty Betty




Press London

Mostly cold press juices, Press is a great healthy London spot. I often visit their tiny Piccadilly store, around the corner from WholeFoods, when I need a dose of vitamins. At Christmas time they release a winter spice leche in their Selfridges concession, and let me tell you, this stuff is liquid gold. It’s quite honestly Christmas in a creamy, good for you bottle (I’m getting way to excited for winter right now). I do believe a few of their cafes offer healthy food options too.


Order: The Orchid 1, and their Winter Leche is a must.

Where? Selfridges, Piccadilly – and possibly Bank





With locations in both Notting Hill and Shoreditch, Redemption is such a feel good café, promoting positivity around plant-based eating and the amazing impact it has on the world. The food is fab – last time I visited I had a raw pumpkin pie that was honestly one of the most delicious things I have ever tried, the menu may have changed since then however. I actually got to meet one of the owners, and had a great chat all about her philosophies and reasons behind starting the eatery. 


Order: A hearty Buddha bowl and one of their to-die-for desserts

Where? Shoreditch and Notting Hill (minutes away from the Daylesford café)




Mae Deli / Deliciously Ella’s Deli

I’ve been a huge fan of Ella for a while now so it was without question that I would love her deli. Her brand is growing at such a rapid pace and it’s so fab to see a huge demand for whole, healthy plant-based food. I believe she has three locations now, however my favourite is the one on Seymour Place. The food is absolutely delicious and the staff are so warm and friendly. Make your own bowl of the amazing hot and cold salads and opt for a cheeky refined sugar-free cake to take with you.


Order: The sweet potato cakes and cornbread – with a giant dollop of hummus.

Where? Seymour Place, Weighouse Street (around the corner from Bond Street tube) and her new one is South, I believe.




Salad Pride

Another must-visit located in my second home, Neal’s Yard. The owner, David, founded this tiny little café as he was simply fed up with crappy lunch options and boring salads. The food here is anything but boring, and not only tastes amazing, but looks incredible too. It’s vibrant and just bursts with nourishment. Plus, their green juice is one of the greenest you’ll every try.


Order: The classic salad and a colourful raw cake for afters.

Where? Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden




26 Grains

Oddly enough, I’m actually sitting waiting for my porridge in 26 Grains as I write this. I’ve loved this place ever since I first visited with my dad last year. It is autumn in a café, and honestly one of the cosiest places you’ll visit in London. Even though it tiny, it gets packed to the brim around mid-morning to lunchtime. All their food, and porridge in particular, is so comforting and delicious. Highly recommend.


Order: The Nordic spice pear porridge with a almond milk turmeric latte

Where? My favourite place in the world, Neal’s Yard.




Raw Press

Raw Press is a cool, modern space located underground, a short walk from Piccadilly Circus. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but the food is certainly delicious. They serve both sweet and savoury waffles that are really something, and drowned in maple syrup make for the perfect brunch option. As their name suggests, they offer a huge range of different cold pressed juices that you can also take on the go.


Order: The waffles, of course!

Where? Mayfair

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